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One of the most friendly kinds of dogs is the Golden Retriever that makes a great family dog. This kind of dog is also very strong and smart, which makes them a very efficient dog. They are experienced as they are drug-sniffing dogs, guides, and therapy dogs. The Golden Retrievers are also very fast and do well in quick and listening tasks


The second most popular AKC breed in 1999 was the golden retriever. This situation is not surprising, as the dog has many traits that make it a faultless pet. However, the roots of these dogs are on the grounds and canals of Great Britain.

The golden retriever was born a bird of prey, especially in waterbird hunting, and the species evolved by crossing many other species thought to include spaniels, setters, and Newfoundland, and perhaps even blood hunting. The combination has created a strong, strong swimming dog that can withstand cold water, track an injured game, and deal with paralyzed birds

Today, retrieving gold is not just the best dog birds and pets of the family; and they are popular as a service for the blind and disabled, and as search and rescue dogs and for dogs for illegal possession. Few dogs would want this breed.


A pleasant, calm atmosphere is a sign of sorts. Golden was born to work with people, and he is determined to please his owner. Although there is a strong ridge in good condition, like all dogs Golden must be properly bred and well trained to make the best use of its heritage.

Like all dogs, Golden needs to get involved early – exposure to a wide range of different people, visions, sounds, and experiences – when they are younger. Public entertainment helps ensure that your Gold puppy grows into a perfect dog

Goldens and Children

Children naturally like to have a pet, and dogs are one of their favorite species. However, choosing the right breed of dog makes a big difference in the relationship the child will enjoy with his or her new addition to the family. While some species are aggressive or often child-prone, Golden Retrievers are reliable, gentle, and full of strength to keep up with children as they play. In addition to entertaining their human friends with their loving personality, Golden Retrievers offers these benefits to children.

The Goldens have a good reputation as good family dogs and are very good at children. That makes it very sad that families drawn to Goldens because of the young children in the family can sometimes have difficulty raising a puppy. Now, why did this happen?

First of all, adding a new puppy to the family is like putting a baby in with the time and attention needed, and the chaos that can follow. In a family with one or more preschool students, this combination can simply extend the power of the parents too little to offer. Unfortunately, this can result in you not investing the time and effort needed to provide adequate exercise and to teach puppies good manners.

Second, contact with young children can be fun and confusing. Puppies chase, jump and bite naturally, and the sounds and movements of children can trigger this normal but fragile puppy behavior. The success of the relationship between puppies and puppies depends almost entirely on parental guidance, and without this, risks will occur.

Choose to Bring a Golden Retriever into Your Life

Your days will fill with love and friendship when you choose to take a new dog into your home. The benefits of the Golden Retriever are obvious because the lively behavior of this genre is rapidly adapted to children’s vitality. From liking the chances for exercise and play in teaching your kid how to act as responsible for his or her new friend, you can provide a lot of wealth to your family by picking Golden Retriever as your new pet.

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