Hello guys!

Its me! York the Golden Retriever! 🐶Today I did my first vaccine!! 💉But first I had to weight myself.

I was 13.2 IB! When my family first got me I was 7.2 IB!
After i weighted myself I needed to wait for the docter. 👩‍⚕️

When the docter came I was really scared. 😰I was scared to do the vaccine. 😰💉I wanted to get down the table but they wouldn’t let me. I was moving to much and it was hard to do the vaccine.

But they got me to stop moving and did the vaccine. The vaccine hurted a bit but they gave me puppy treats. 🐶🦮They were cookies. 🍪🦮

They were really good and I also got to take some home with me. They were sooo good! 😋

My family gave me a big hug and took care of me.
❤️I love you guys so much!
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